Paphos is one of the most important archaeological sites in Cyprus.
Ancient remains of the city are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Since 2011 the team of Prof. Ewdoksia Papuci-Władyka from the Department of the Classical Archaeology of the Jagiellonian University Institute of Archaeology has been exploring the agora of Nea Paphos within the Paphos Agora Project. The work is conducted in accordance with the license granted by the Department of Antiquities Cyprus.

Between 2011-2014, the project was funded by a grant from the National Science Centre OPUS (No. 2011/01/B/HS 3/01282). The main objective of the project was to search for the Hellenistic agora of the island's capital, which was probably hidden under the remains of the Roman one.

In 2015, with a new grant from the National Science Centre MAESTRO (No. 2014/14/A/HS 3/00283), a new phase of the project has started: the aim is not only to explore and reconstruct the public space of the agora, but also to study the infrastructure and economic activity of the city using interdisciplinary methods.




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